Global Week In Review: 8-Year-Old Weds 61-Year-Old Woman

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  • Indian Man Accused of Rape Found Dead in Jail Cell
  • British, Italian and Greek Hostages Were Killed by Nigerian Islamist Group
  • Obama’s Half-Brother Loses Governor Race
  • Egyptian Court Sentences 21 People to Death
  • Hugo Chavez's Body Will Be Embalmed
  • 8-year-old Boy Marries 61-year-old Woman
  • Cardinals Gather in to Choose Next Pope
  • Queen Elizabeth Signed Charter to Promote Gay Rights
  • Oscar Pistorius' Uncle Says He Is Not Suicidal
  • Mandela Suffering Memory Loss
  • Tension Between North Korea, South Korea and the U.S. Grows

Egyptian Court Sentences 21 People to Death

On Saturday, an Egyptian court confirmed death sentences for 21 people for a 2012 soccer riot that killed 72 people in the city of Port Said. Egyptians from two rival cities took the streets of Cairo to vent their anger over the court’s decision, leading to two people being killed and 15 injured.

(Photo: AP Photo/Mohammed Asad )

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