Global Week in Review: Google Seeks African Language Speakers

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  • Kenya Deepens Its Ties with China
  • Nigerian Teen Hitched a Ride on Airplane
  • Stolen Nails Cause Train Accident
  • An Accused Killer at Seven
  • When Three Become One
  • U.N. Looks Into Peacekeeper Shooting Accusations
  • India Teams Up With Mozambique for Oil and Billions
  • Indian Rape Case to Be Tried Quickly
  • Germany Talks of Possible Third Bailout
  • Found in Translation
  • Britain: Syria Attack Would Be Justified
  • Dozens Killed in Kenya Bus Crash
  • Flooding Kills At Least Two Dozen in Mali
  • Paraguay Workers Crucify Themselves in Protest
  • Two Killed By “Deliberate” Rocket Attack in Rwanda
  • Ugandan Human Trafficking Increases
  • John Kerry: Syria Chemical Attack Undeniable

Stolen Nails May Have Caused Train Accident

Missing track nails may have been to blame for a cargo train’s derailment on Sunday morning in southern Mexico, killing at least six. According to witnesses, hundreds of migrants had climbed aboard the train — nicknamed the Beast — at a nearby stop, attempting to reach the U.S. as tens of thousands do each year.

(Photo: AP Photo/Tabasco state government press office)

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