Global Week in Review: Muslims Celebrate End of Ramadan Worldwide

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  • Dairy Exporter Finds Contaminated Products
  • Political Protests in Burkina Faso
  • Where’s the Beef? In the Laboratory
  • Supporters of Zimbabwe’s Opposition Party Said They Were Attacked
  • Study Raises Concerns of West Germany Cheating in Sports
  • Pedophile’s Pardon Revoked by Morocco’s King
  • Honduras’ Prison Is Under Military Security
  • Mali Begins a Second Round of Presidential Votes
  • Anti-Misogyny Protest on Twitter Sparks Debate
  • Happy Eid al-Fitr!
  • Drone Kills Six al-Qaida Militants in Yemen
  • Desmond Tutu Gets Burgled
  • Zimbabwe Election Panel Acknowledges Slip-ups
  • Major Fraud Case Emerges From Jamaica Teachers Union
  • Rwanda Refuses to Immediately Extradite Wanted Congo Rebels
  • Afghan President Calls for Ceasefire as Bomb Kills 14
  • U.S. Extends Embassy Closures
  • Uruguay Starts Marrying Gay Couples
  • South African City Apologizes for Mandela Bill
  • Former Turkish Military Chief Receives Life Sentence for Coup Plot
  • Egypt’s Brotherhood Leader Rejects Appeal to Negotiate
  • Economic Crisis Displaces Spanish Bullfighters in Peru
  • Myanmar’s Punk Rockers Scream Out Against Religious Intolerance

Where’s the Beef? In the Laboratory

Move over, Big Mac. After five years of research, a Netherlands-based team of scientists have created hamburger meat in a laboratory using stem cells of cattle. Two taste-testers sampled the cow-cell burgers on Monday in London. While the experimental meat cost more than $300,000 to produce, the ultimate goal with lab-made meat is to satisfy growing global meat consumption without exhausting resources.

(Photo: AP Photo/Bogdan Maran)

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