Global Week in Review: Black Woman Discovers She Has Nazi Grandfather

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  • Dozens Killed in Rush Hour Blasts
  • Venezuela Prison Search Uncovers Weapons, Drugs
  • Benedict XVI to Possibly Attend Pope Canonization
  • Crackdown on Dissidents Continues in Bahrain
  • Pussy Riot Member Hospitalized
  • My Nazi Grandfather Would Have Shot Me
  • Exiled in Pyongyang
  • Airplane Takes Fatal Nosedive in Nigeria
  • Palestinians Receive Rare Ruling
  • New Toxic Leak at Japan Nuclear Plant
  • Gambia Leaves Commonwealth
  • Somali Terrorists: It’s Not Over
  • Nigerian Students Shot in Sleep by Suspected Terrorists
  • Netanyahu Not Convinced of Iran’s Diplomatic Turn
  • Syrian Students Allegedly Killed by Government Attack
  • Accusations Abound in Kenya After Mall Attack
  • Jackson Not Allowed to Visit Gross
  • Guinea Waits for Results

Crackdown on Dissidents Continues in Bahrain

Human rights activists claim that 50 people in Bahrain have received jail sentences between five and 15 years for alleged anti-government activity. These convictions signal the broadest blow to suspected supporters of a Shiite faction seeking more political rights from Sunni rulers, reported AP.

(Photo: REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed)

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