Global Week in Review: "White Widow" Wanted for Terrorism Plot in Kenya

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  • World Leaders Head to New York City
  • Muslim Brotherhood Banned
  • Iran’s New President Puts Israel in a Tight Spot
  • Death Toll Surpasses 100 in Mexico
  • Acclaimed Colombian Author Dies
  • Pakistan Christians Targeted in Deadly Attack
  • Typhoon Kills More Than Two Dozen
  • Chinese Former Political Star Sentenced to Life in Jail
  • Suicide Bombings Rock Iraq, Kill Scores
  • Clinton Global Initiative Ramps Up for Annual Meeting
  • White Widow Is Wanted by Interpol
  • UN Diplomats Reach Agreement on Syria
  • Militants Target Chopper Aiding Pakistan Quake Victims
  • Liberia's Taylor Gets 50 Years
  • Clinton’s Latest Cause: Fighting Elephant Poaching
  • Terrorist Group Behind Mall Attack Strike Again
  • South African Opera Star Sees a Major Career Boost
  • History-Making Elections in Germany
  • Kenyan Mall Siege Takes World Stage

Iran’s New President Puts Israel in a Tight Spot

Is Iran’s new president, Hasan Rouhani, more moderate than his volatile predecessor or does he just have a great poker “smiley face?” That is the dilemma that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will solve at the U.N. General Assembly this week. Israel remains very concerned about Iran’s nuclear program despite Rouhani’s moderate rhetoric, but risks isolating itself from a hopeful international community.

(Photo: AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

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