Global Week in Review: "White Widow" Wanted for Terrorism Plot in Kenya

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  • Pakistan Christians Targeted in Deadly Attack
  • Typhoon Kills More Than Two Dozen
  • Chinese Former Political Star Sentenced to Life in Jail
  • Suicide Bombings Rock Iraq, Kill Scores
  • Clinton Global Initiative Ramps Up for Annual Meeting
  • White Widow Is Wanted by Interpol
  • UN Diplomats Reach Agreement on Syria
  • Militants Target Chopper Aiding Pakistan Quake Victims
  • Liberia's Taylor Gets 50 Years
  • Clinton’s Latest Cause: Fighting Elephant Poaching
  • Terrorist Group Behind Mall Attack Strike Again
  • South African Opera Star Sees a Major Career Boost
  • History-Making Elections in Germany
  • Kenyan Mall Siege Takes World Stage
  • World Leaders Head to New York City
  • Muslim Brotherhood Banned
  • Iran’s New President Puts Israel in a Tight Spot
  • Death Toll Surpasses 100 in Mexico
  • Acclaimed Colombian Author Dies

Suicide Bombings Rock Iraq, Kill Scores

Rounding out a weekend of global violence, a wave of attacks, including a twin suicide bombing at a Shiite funeral on Saturday and another suicide bombing at a Sunni funeral in Baghdad, killed at least 120 people in Iraq. More than 800 Iraqis were killed in violence throughout August, according to the U.N.

(Photo: AP Photo/Karim Kadim)

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