Global Week in Review: Former Black Panther Turned Hijacker Returns to U.S.  

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  • Former Black Panther Turned Hijacker Returns to U.S.
  • Creating the ”New York” of Africa
  • Rob Ford Says He Is Not a Drug Addict
  • Haiti’s President Puts Education Front and Center
  • Gambia TV Host Flees to U.S. Following Accusations of Sedition
  • Dancehall Star Speaks Out Against Homelessness in Jamaica
  • Wedding Party Massacred in Nigeria
  • Deadly Church Stampede in Nigeria
  • Dozens Dead, Boat Sinks Off the Coast of Myanmar
  • Egypt Changes Venue for Ousted President’s Trial
  • African Horn Piracy Is a Multi-Million Dollar Business
  • Congo M23 Rebels Call Truce
  • WWII Bomb Defused in Germany
  • Mexico Imposes Taxes on Junk Food and Soft Drinks
  • Cuba Shuts Down Private Cinemas and Gaming Venues

Former Black Panther Turned Hijacker Returns to U.S.  

Dozens massacred at a wedding in Nigeria, Egypt changes the venue for Mohammed Morsi trial, plus more global news. — Dominique Zonyéé and Nikola Lashley

Cuba airline hijacker William Potts surrendered to police officials this week at Miami airport after flying in from Havana where he lived for the past 30 years working as a farmer.  The former self-described “black liberation fighter” was immediately arrested and faces up to 20 years in jail for air piracy. 

Potts, originally from New Jersey, commandeered a passenger plane in 1984 with 56 people onboard.  A member of the Black Panther movement, Potts expected the Cuban government to give him guerrilla training; instead he was imprisoned for 15 years.  (Photo: Joe Skipper/REUTERS)

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