Six Things Causing Your Belly Fat

Start spotting these six diet saboteurs that may be slowly but surely adding inches to your waistline

Posted: 08/15/2011 03:58 PM EDT

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones. You don’t have to watch your weight, you eat what you like, you brag about not having to work out, and you shake your head in pity at your chronically-dieting friends.


But if you’re like most people, you are very aware of your weight with its ups and downs, and every time a pair of jeans feels suddenly tighter you know deep down inside they didn’t shrink in the dryer.


Every day we make small choices that make a big difference to your weight. Because we hardly think about these small choices, the weight creeps up until it’s time for a full plan of weight loss action. Instead of waiting until it gets to that point, start spotting these six diet saboteurs that may be slowly but surely adding inches to your waistline.


Uninhibited Weekends


Researchers have found that people eat significantly more on weekends without even noticing it; especially on Saturdays when fat consumption is at its highest. Those extra weekend calories can quickly add up.

To avoid overindulging on the weekends, pay special attention to portion size and limit your alcohol consumption.  Alcohol is full of empty calories and it lowers your inhibitions enough to cause you to eat foods and amounts you wouldn’t normally.


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