Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

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  • Green beans
  • Go Easy on the Drinks
  • Just Say No
  • Get Your Workout On
  • Focus on the Fam
  • Relax, Relate, Release
  • Don’t Cave to Peer Pressure
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving, Soy Milk

Just Say No

Portion control and passing on things may just be the main key to surviving the next month and a half without going up a pant size. Taste a little bit of everything, use smaller plates for meals and savor your meal instead of devouring it quickly. Also opt for more white meat, pass on gravy, eat a sliver of pie instead of a huge piece and have one less alcoholic drink. Doing that can shave off 250 calories or more from your meal.

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