Health Rewind: Coca-Cola Weighs in on Obesity Crisis

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  • Black Women With HIV/HCV Less Likely to Die From Liver Disease
  • Berries Linked to Lower Heart Disease Risk in Women
  • Anti-Smoking Ad for African-Americans Debuts in California
  • Minority Health Gap
  • Are Pharmacies Meeting the Flu Vaccine Demand?
  • 30 Percent of U.S. Teenage Girls Meet Strangers Online
  • Robin Roberts Heading Back to Work Soon
  • Coca-Cola Addresses Obesity Crisis in New Ads
  • Can Energy Drinks Send You to the ER?

Berries Linked to Lower Heart Disease Risk in Women

Snacking on strawberries and blueberries may lower a woman’s risk of heart disease. A recent study looked at 93,000 women and found that of the 403 heart attacks, ladies who ate berries had a 32 percent decrease in heart disease risk than those who didn’t eat berries. Why? Researchers believe the flavonoids found in berries stop artery build up, says Red Orbit

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