Health Rewind: Bobby Womack Has Alzheimer's

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  • Legendary R&B Singer Bobby Womack Has Alzheimer’s
  • Does 5-Hour Energy Make You “Crash?”
  • Why Don’t More Blacks Donate Bone Marrow?
  • Congress Lets the Violence Against Women Act Die
  • All the Talk About Baby Mamas, No Talk About HIV
  • 25 Tips to Weight Loss Success
  • Will the FDA OK Genetically Modified Salmon?
  • Body Mass Index Can Predict Health Outcomes
  • Poverty at Birth Connected to “Bad” Behavior in Teens
  • Can a Lack of Internet Access at Home Make You Less Smart?

Why Don’t More Blacks Donate Bone Marrow?

Sixty percent of people of color who register as bone marrow and stem cell donors decide to not donate, compared to 40 percent in whites. A new study found that African-Americans and other minorities were more likely to have questions or reservations about the donation process, reported the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.  (Photo: Ed Reschke)

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