11 Myths About AIDS in Black America

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  • National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • Magic Johnson Is Cured
  • Government Has a Cure for HIV, but Won’t Share It
  • You Can't Get HIV From Anal Sex
  • Life Is Over When You Test Positive
  • Testing for HIV Means You Are Looking for It
  • AIDS Meds Will Kill You
  •  Down-Low Men Fuel the Epidemic
  • You Can Tell If Someone Has HIV
  • HIV Only Happens to Promiscuous People
  • Straight Men Don’t Get HIV
  • HIV Positive Folks Purposely Go Out and Infect Others

Magic Johnson Is Cured 

Yes, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has been living with HIV for over 20 years and seems pretty healthy, but even he will admit that that’s a result of his HIV treatment. Magic still has HIV and he is not cured, because there is no cure yet.


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