Black History Month: African-American Health Pioneers

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  • Dr. Regina Benjamin (1956-present)
  • Dr. Lonnie Robert Bristow (1930-present)
  • Dr. Dorothy Lavinia Brown (1919–2004)
  • President Barack Obama (1961-present)
  • Ben Carson (1951-present)
  • Jocelyn Elders (1933-present)
  • Otis Boykin (1920-1982)
  • Charles Drew (1904-1950)
  • Mary Eliza Mahoney (1845-1926)
  • William Augustus Hinton (1883-1959)
  • Mamie Phipps Clark (1917-1983)
  • Daniel Hale Williams (1858-1931)
  • Paying Homage
  • Michelle Obama (1964-present)
  • Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler (1831-1895)
  • Phill Wilson (1956-present)

Dr. Dorothy Lavinia Brown (1919–2004)

Dr. Dorothy Lavinia Brown was the first African-American woman surgeon in the South. Despite being raised in an orphanage, Brown excelled also becoming the chief of surgery at Nashville's Riverside Hospital and the first Black woman fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Brown also was in politics, being the first Black woman to serve in the Tennessee legislature. 

(Photo: Courtesy of the U.S. Department of the Interior)

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