What You Need to Know About STDs Now

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  • STDs Are Not Always Linked to Promiscuity
  • Condoms Don’t Protect You From All STDs
  • Not All STDs Are Curable
  • You Need to Get Tested and Treated, Seriously
  • Untreated STDs Make You Vulnerable to HIV Infection
  • Unprotected Oral Sex Is Risky, Too
  • You Can Have More Than One STD in a Lifetime
  • Are You STD Savvy?
  • African-Americans and the STD Epidemic
  • Most STDs Show No Symptoms

Not All STDs Are Curable

Bacterial STDs such as syphilis and chlamydia are treatable with antibiotics, but viral ones such as herpes and genital human papillomavirus (HPV) don’t have a cure. Herpes can be managed with certain medicines. HPV, depending on the strain, can clear itself up over time. But in some women and men it can cause cancer and genital warts. 


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