What You Need to Know About STDs Now

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  • Not All STDs Are Curable
  • You Need to Get Tested and Treated, Seriously
  • Untreated STDs Make You Vulnerable to HIV Infection
  • Unprotected Oral Sex Is Risky, Too
  • You Can Have More Than One STD in a Lifetime
  • Are You STD Savvy?
  • African-Americans and the STD Epidemic
  • Most STDs Show No Symptoms
  • STDs Are Not Always Linked to Promiscuity
  • Condoms Don’t Protect You From All STDs

Unprotected Oral Sex Is Risky, Too

Yes, the thought of using a condom or dental dam for oral sex may seem crazy, but it shouldn’t, especially given the rise in HPV-related oral cancers over the years. Also, it is possible to contract other STDs from oral sex, too. 


(Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Magnum Condoms)

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