The 411 on HIV/AIDS and Black Women

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  • Black Women and HIV
  • Younger People and HIV
  • HIV Transmission Among Black Women Decreasing
  • Heterosexual Sex Is a Main Driver for HIV
  • Women Are Biologically More Vulnerable to HIV Transmission
  • Untreated STDs Make Women Vulnerable to HIV Infection
  • The Importance of Condom Negotiation
  • Gender Violence and HIV
  • Heterosexual Men Need to Join in Too
  • March 10 Is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

HIV Transmission Among Black Women Decreasing

Despite the depressing statistics, there’s some good news: Between 2008-2010, HIV transmission rates among Black women went down 21 percent (7,700-6,100). Black women still account for the majority of infections among women, but it’s believed that campaigns on HIV testing and safer sex have made a difference, according to a CDC report. 


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