Kermit Gosnell: Understanding the Trial Against the Abortion Doctor

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  • The 411 on the Trial
  • What Is the Trial About?
  • What Were His Other Offenses?
  • What Is Gosnell’s Defense?
  • Who Is Kermit Gosnell?
  • Who Were the Victims?
  • Who Else Is Being Charged?
  • Are Most Women’s Clinics Like This?
  • Update: Judge Drops 3 Murder Charges

What Is the Trial About?

Kermit Gosnell, the owner of the Women's Medical Society, has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing seven babies and one female patient, Karnamaya Mongar. It’s believed that Gosnell performed illegal late term abortions, delivered live babies and soon after murdered them. Testimony states that Gosnell and his staff snipped the babies’ spinal cords with scissors, reported 


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