Kermit Gosnell: Understanding the Trial Against the Abortion Doctor

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  • The 411 on the Trial
  • What Is the Trial About?
  • What Were His Other Offenses?
  • What Is Gosnell’s Defense?
  • Who Is Kermit Gosnell?
  • Who Were the Victims?
  • Who Else Is Being Charged?
  • Are Most Women’s Clinics Like This?
  • Update: Judge Drops 3 Murder Charges

What Were His Other Offenses?

The grand jury report is a gruesome read that accuses Gosnell of incredibly heinous acts such as overdosing patients with potentially harmful drugs; giving women STDs with infected instruments; allowed for workers without medical certification to help perform abortions; performing abortions after hours; and medical malpractice and fraud, reported the Washington Post



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