The 411 on Epilepsy

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  • Weezy and Epilepsy
  • What Is Epilepsy?
  • What Causes Epilepsy?
  • What Are Seizures?
  • African-Americans and Epilepsy
  • Grand Mal Seizures
  • Signs That Someone May Be Having a Seizure
  • Responding to a Seizure
  • Diagnosing Epilepsy
  • Health Risks of Epilepsy

What Causes Epilepsy?

Unfortunately, the medical community isn’t 100 percent sure what causes epilepsy. But they do suspect the following may be to blame: family history of seizures and epilepsy, meningitis, severe fevers, Down syndrome and other congenital conditions syndromes, head trauma, stroke and Alzheimer's disease (affects the elderly only). 


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