June 19 Is World Sickle Cell Day: Get the Facts

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  • Iron Overload and SCD
  • How Do You Know You Have SCD?
  • African-Americans and Sickle Cell
  • Sickle Cell and Genetics
  • Is There a Cure?
  • The 411 on Sickle Cell
  • What Is Sickle Cell Disease?
  • Why Is SCD Harmful?
  • What Are the Complications?
  • How Do You Treat It?

Sickle Cell and Genetics

In order for you to have sickle cell, both of your parents must have the gene. If they do, with each pregnancy there is a 25 percent chance of having a baby with SCD. There is also a 25 percent chance of their child not having sickle cell and not being a carrier. But there is a 50 percent chance of having a baby who is a carrier with sickle cell trait, but doesn't have SCD. 


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