June 19 Is World Sickle Cell Day: Get the Facts

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  • Why Is SCD Harmful?
  • What Are the Complications?
  • How Do You Treat It?
  • Iron Overload and SCD
  • How Do You Know You Have SCD?
  • African-Americans and Sickle Cell
  • Sickle Cell and Genetics
  • Is There a Cure?
  • The 411 on Sickle Cell
  • What Is Sickle Cell Disease?

How Do You Treat It?

Depending on the severity of the illness, treatment can be a combination of antibiotics, pain management, intravenous fluids, blood transfusion and surgery. Droxia — a cancer drug — has been approved to treat sickle cell in adults. It helps reduce severe pain, acute chest syndrome and the need for blood transfusions in adult patients.


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