June 27 Is National HIV Testing Day

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  • Not Enough Folks Are Getting Swabbed
  • Why HIV Testing is Important to African-Americans
  • That Means Straight Brothas’ Too!
  • There Are Many Testing Options
  • Testing Doesn’t Have to Be Scary
  • Who Should Get Tested?
  • Speak Up For Yourself
  • Why Late Testing Is Bad for Blacks
  • Why Don’t People Get Tested?
  • Types of HIV Tests
  • Getting Tested Once Isn’t Enough
  • What Happens If I Test Positive?
  • Take Advantage of National HIV Testing Day
  • Have You Been Tested for HIV?
  • Why You Need to Know Your Status

That Means Straight Brothas’ Too!

Heterosexual Black men are the fifth largest group impacted by HIV in the U.S., says the CDC. In 2010, 2,700 heterosexual Black men were newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. This number does not include the 1,100 Black male IV drug users who were diagnosed with HIV that same year. So yes, you need to get tested too!  (Photo: Flint/Corbis)

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