The Kids Are Not Alright: The 411 on LGBT Bullying

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  • What Are Schools Doing?
  • Physical Violence
  • It’s Not Child’s Play
  • Other Consequences of Bullying
  • Why Gay-Straight Student Alliances Matter
  • Think Before You Speak
  • The Importance of Straight Black Allies
  • It Does Get Better
  • Slide 1: What You Need to Know
  • LGBT Students of Color and Harassment
  • Black LGBT Students and Bullying

It’s Not Child’s Play

The 2009 suicide of fifth grader Carl Walker Hoover is a prime example of just how serious the effects of bullying has on kids. Hoover, who was perceived to be gay, hung himself because he could no longer take the constant taunts. He was only 11 years old. Repeatedly being degraded and humiliated can lead to depression, drug use, dropping out of school and other mental health issues.



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