The 411 on Electronic Cigarettes

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  • African-Americans and Smoking Rates
  • A Generation of Users
  • The Cancer Stick
  • Menthol and You
  • Smoking and Racial Health Disparities
  • Banned Overseas
  • Smoking Up
  • What Are E-Cigs?
  • How They Are Made
  • The Health Hype
  • Are They Really Healthier?
  • What About Secondhand Vapor?
  • The Rise of Electronic Cigarettes
  • Kids and E-Cigs

The Cancer Stick

Each year, approximately 45,000 African-Americans die from smoking-related diseases. Smoking is the cause of 80 percent of all lung cancer deaths, and lung cancer is the second most common cancer among African-American adults. (Photo: Jan Pitman/Getty Images)

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