The 411 on Electronic Cigarettes

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  • Kids and E-Cigs
  • African-Americans and Smoking Rates
  • A Generation of Users
  • The Cancer Stick
  • Menthol and You
  • Smoking and Racial Health Disparities
  • Banned Overseas
  • Smoking Up
  • What Are E-Cigs?
  • How They Are Made
  • The Health Hype
  • Are They Really Healthier?
  • What About Secondhand Vapor?
  • The Rise of Electronic Cigarettes

A Generation of Users

The GfK MRI Survey of the American Consumer shows that 40 percent of adults who smoked cigarettes in the last 12 months were millennials (anyone born from 1977 to 1994). According to Forbes first consumer data on e-cigarettes, 44 percent of smokers who used one of these devices were also millennials. (Photo: Marie-Reine Mattera/Getty Images)

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