Key Things You Need to Know to Get Obamacare

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  • What If I'm Unemployed?
  • What If I Have a Pre-Existing Condition?
  • Does the Marketplace Provide Dental Coverage?
  • What Happens If I Don't Buy Insurance?
  • What Happens If I Need Medical Treatment But Am Uninsured?
  • Get Ready, Here It Comes
  • What Is a Health Insurance Marketplace or Exchange?
  • How Do I Find Out About My State's Exchange?
  • When Is the Enrollment Period?
  • Who Is Eligible?
  • How Much Will Marketplace Insurance Cost?
  • What If I Need Help Finding a Plan?
  • How Do Marketplace Plans Differ From Private Plans?
  • How Do I Choose a Marketplace Plan?
  • How Do I Qualify for Lower Premiums?
  • What About Lower Out-of-Pocket Expenses?
  • What If I Work Only Part Time?

What Happens If I Don't Buy Insurance?

People who can afford to purchase coverage and don't will have to pay a fee equivalent to one percent of their yearly income or $95, whichever is higher. In 2016, it will increase to 2.5 percent or $695 per person. Exemptions include people uninsured for less than three months of the year or determined to be unable to afford coverage.

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