Health Rewind: HIV Infections Down 33 Percent Worldwide

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  • Global New HIV Infections Decreased By a Third Since 2001
  • Black Children Less Likely to Be Given Pain Killers in the ER
  • Dating Violence via the Internet
  • Where Can Gay Black Men Go for Support?
  • A Monthly Contraceptive Could Be on the Way
  • The Link Between Gun Violence and Liquor Stores
  • Understanding Crack Addiction
  • Why the Environment Is a Black Issue
  • Quitting Social Media: Could You Do It?
  • Kids Internalize Racism Too, Study Finds

Dating Violence via the Internet

A new study warns that teens in relationships are being traumatized not just by physical violence, but by stalking texts and Internet messages. Researchers from Michigan State University found that girls 13-19 who were victims of this type of abuse were four times more likely to smoke and were at an increased risk for eating disorders, depression and partaking in risky sexual behavior, says Science Daily News.

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