Red Ribbon Week: Living a Drug Free Life

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  • Illegal Drugs and Black Teens
  • African-American Teens Drink Less Than Whites
  • The Link Between Liquor and Gun Violence
  • Illegal Use of Legal Drugs
  • Prevention is Key
  • This Week Is Red Ribbon Week!
  • Not all of The” Cool Kids” Are Doing It
  • Smoking and Black Youth

The Link Between Liquor and Gun Violence

Liquor and poverty can also encourage violence among youth, says a new book. Researchers from Northwestern University found that Chicago’s South and West sides' liquor sales were 500 times that of other wealthier white areas, the Huffington Post reported. A 2012 report found that African-American youth ages 15-19 are eight times more likely to be victims of gun violence than white youth and that gun violence is their number one cause of death.

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