The Danger Behind Butt Injections

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  • How Dangerous Is Silicone?
  • It Can Mean Your Life
  •  Plumping Parties
  • Death and Complications Are Not Uncommon
  • Research Is Key
  • The 411 on Illegal Butt Augmentations
  • The Bigger, the Better
  • Plenty Plumping
  • Bigger Bottom, Even Bigger Pockets
  • What Is in Your Injection?

Plumping Parties

On the black market, women are attending “plumping parties” and getting injections from con artists. In Philadelphia, Padge Windslowe, 42, also known as the “Black Madam,” was arrested February 2012 for homicide in the death of Claudia Aderotimi, 20. Aderotimi died hours after attending an illegal hotel plumping party hosted by the Black Madam.

(Photo: AP Photo/Philadelphia Police Department, File)

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