The Danger Behind Butt Injections

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  • The 411 on Illegal Butt Augmentations
  • The Bigger, the Better
  • Plenty Plumping
  • Bigger Bottom, Even Bigger Pockets
  • What Is in Your Injection?
  • How Dangerous Is Silicone?
  • It Can Mean Your Life
  •  Plumping Parties
  • Death and Complications Are Not Uncommon
  • Research Is Key

The Bigger, the Better

Women are seeking plumper and more-than-life-size derrieres to be more sexually appealing like Beyoncé or J-Lo and often in hope of becoming the next video vixen. With websites and chat rooms including and dedicated to the rising plastic surgery method, it’s becoming one of the more common plastic surgery trends.

(Photo: Getty Images/Vetta)

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