Bullying in Sports: A Guide for Parents and Athletes

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  • Bullying in Sports
  • What Is Bullying?
  •  What Does Bullying in Sports Look Like?
  • Who Are Vulnerable Targets?
  • Motivating Your Child
  • What Can Parents Do?
  • What Can Coaches Do?
  • How Can Teammates Help?
  • I Tried Everything, But My Child Is Still Being Bullied

Bullying in Sports

Bullying is a national issue in schools, in the office and even in professional sports. On the last day of National Bulling Prevention Month, Oct. 31, Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin left the NFL amid rumors that he was bullied by teammates. While the NFL Players Association is investigating claims of “rookie tax” or hazing, parents can’t help but wonder if bullying is going on in professional sports, is it also happening on the high school, college and even peewee-league level? What you need to know about bullying in sports. Dominique Zonyéé

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