That's Not True!: Debunking Top Flu Myths

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  • The Flu Vaccine Just Puts Billions in Big Pharm’s Pockets
  • Healthy Young Adults Don’t Need to Worry About the Flu
  • You Don’t Need the Flu Vaccine Every Year
  • Fighting the Flu Strengthens Your Immune System
  • You Can Catch the Flu From Being Outside in the Cold
  • Don’t Believe the Hype!
  • The Flu Is Just a Severe Cold
  • The Flu Vaccine Gives You the Flu
  • Antibiotics Can Fight the Flu
  • Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Get Flu Vaccines; Causes Miscarriages
  • The Flu Only Kills Older People

You Can Catch the Flu From Being Outside in the Cold

Yes, flu season just happens to occur in the winter, but being in the cold has nothing to do with catching the flu. You catch the flu from coming into contact with the flu virus. To avoid the flu, stay away from others who are sick; wash your hands with soap and water; avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose when possible; and get vaccinated for the flu.  

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