The 411 on Crack Cocaine

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  • Mayor Rob Ford and Crack Cocaine
  • What Is Crack Cocaine?
  • What Crack Does to Your Body
  • Overcoming Crack Addiction
  • Crack vs. Cocaine
  • African-Americans and Crack
  • The Myth of the Crack Baby
  • The Disparities of Crack
  • Drug Reform Policies

What Crack Does to Your Body

In the short term, the drug can “constrict peripheral blood vessels, dilate pupils, increase temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, insomnia, loss of appetite, feelings of restlessness, irritability and anxiety,” writes DrugFreeOrg. Long-term effects from crack include severe depression, heart disease, stroke, respiratory failure, brain seizures, sexual dysfunction, delirium or psychosis, reproductive damage and infertility, risky sexual behavior and death.

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