The 411 on Crack Cocaine

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  • Crack vs. Cocaine
  • African-Americans and Crack
  • The Myth of the Crack Baby
  • The Disparities of Crack
  • Drug Reform Policies
  • Mayor Rob Ford and Crack Cocaine
  • What Is Crack Cocaine?
  • What Crack Does to Your Body
  • Overcoming Crack Addiction

The Myth of the Crack Baby

When crack hit and began devastating our community, there was much worry (and media hype) that babies born addicted to crack would have serious behavior and development issues. However, a series of 2013 studies found that these projections were unwarranted and untrue. It’s actually believed that poverty has more of an affect on Black children’s outcomes than crack.  

 (Photo: FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

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