The 411 on Trans Fats

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  • Bye-Bye, Trans Fats!
  • What Are They Exactly?
  • Why Are Trans Fats Unhealthy?
  • Where Are They Found?
  • How Much Trans Fats Should We Eat?
  • Phasing Out Our Trans Fats Ain’t Cheap
  • Trans Fats and African-American Health
  • Why You Need to Read Labels
  • What You Should Eat Instead

Bye-Bye, Trans Fats!

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced recently that it was removing trans fats off the “Generally Recognized as Safe” list and companies would have to phase these fats out of their foods. And while this makes nutrition experts happy, most folks don’t even know what trans fats are. We give you the scoop on why these dangerous fats are so bad for our health. —Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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