The 411 on Trans Fats

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  • Where Are They Found?
  • How Much Trans Fats Should We Eat?
  • Phasing Out Our Trans Fats Ain’t Cheap
  • Trans Fats and African-American Health
  • Why You Need to Read Labels
  • What You Should Eat Instead
  • Bye-Bye, Trans Fats!
  • What Are They Exactly?
  • Why Are Trans Fats Unhealthy?

Phasing Out Our Trans Fats Ain’t Cheap

While it’s a good move for our health, companies will pay the price. The FDA estimates that it will cost about $8 billion initially to remove trans fats from the food supply and $14 billion over the next 20 years, reported. But over the years, companies have voluntarily phased out the use of trans fats in the past eight years, so perhaps cost isn’t a factor.

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