The 411 on Trans Fats

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  • How Much Trans Fats Should We Eat?
  • Phasing Out Our Trans Fats Ain’t Cheap
  • Trans Fats and African-American Health
  • Why You Need to Read Labels
  • What You Should Eat Instead
  • Bye-Bye, Trans Fats!
  • What Are They Exactly?
  • Why Are Trans Fats Unhealthy?
  • Where Are They Found?

Why You Need to Read Labels

In 2006, the FDA required trans fats to be added to labels on all foods. However it’s important to pay attention to the labels: Foods can be labeled trans-fats free and still have a small amount of trans fats. And if you eat a bunch of foods will a small traces of trans fats, it can add up. 

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