The Top Health Headlines of 2013

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  • E-Cigarettes: Do They Create New Young Smokers?
  • FDA Approves Plan B One Step With No Prescription
  • Sandy Hook, Autism and Mental Health
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Black Men, Health and Suicide
  • Influenza Takes Lives
  • HIV Rates Down 21 Percent Among Black Women
  • Angelina Jolie, Mastectomies and Black Women
  • Gun Violence and Urban America
  • Looking Back at This Year’s Health Stories
  • Everything Obamacare
  • Head Trauma and the NFL
  • Baby “Cured” of HIV
  • HPV and Oral Cancer

Sandy Hook, Autism and Mental Health 

While the Sandy Hook Massacre happened in December 2012, the beginning of 2013 was inundated with conversations about the connection between mental health illness and gun violence. This sparked a huge debate about gun control in this country, further dividing the Right and the Left. 

(Photo: David Goldman/AP Photo)

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