The 411 on Young Straight Black Men and HIV/AIDS

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  • Why HIV Matters to You
  • It Ain’t the DL, Boo
  • Heterosexual Sex and HIV Infections
  • The Actual Numbers
  • What’s the Real Risk?
  • What Makes Straight Men Vulnerable to HIV Infection?
  • Why Do Straight Men Get Ignored?
  • Why Getting Tested Yearly Is Important
  • Using Condoms Is Key
  • Take Control of Your Health

It Ain’t the DL, Boo

Regardless of what pop culture keeps telling us, there are mounds of research that has said repeatedly that “sinister down-low brothas” are not fueling HIV/AIDS among Black women. Not to mention, a recent study found that bisexual men’s risk for HIV is no higher than men who only sleep with women. 

(Photo: Lionsgate Films, Tyler Perry Productions)

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