The 411 on Young Straight Black Men and HIV/AIDS

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  • What’s the Real Risk?
  • What Makes Straight Men Vulnerable to HIV Infection?
  • Why Do Straight Men Get Ignored?
  • Why Getting Tested Yearly Is Important
  • Using Condoms Is Key
  • Take Control of Your Health
  • Why HIV Matters to You
  • It Ain’t the DL, Boo
  • Heterosexual Sex and HIV Infections
  • The Actual Numbers

Why Do Straight Men Get Ignored?

Stigma and homophobia play a large role in why we tend to believe that only gay men have HIV. But also aren’t enough campaigns, prevention programs and research on a federal and HIV organizational level that are specifically geared toward straight Black men either. This lack of awareness impacts your own ability to look at the epidemic as your own problem. 

(Photo: Richard Flood/Getty Images)

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