Top HIV/AIDS Stories of 2013

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  • Baby “Cured” of HIV
  • Obamacare Provides More Care to HIV-Positive People
  • HIV Vaccine Successful in Clinical Trial
  • HIV Criminalization
  • Porn Stars Test HIV-Positive
  • Gender Violence and HIV
  • HIV Returns in Two Men Who Were “Cured”
  • The Epidemic Stories That Rocked the Headlines This Year
  • HIV Rates Down 21 Percent Among Black Women
  • Infections Among Young Black MSM Went Way Up

HIV Vaccine Successful in Clinical Trial

We may be one step closer to the first FDA-approved HIV vaccine. Researchers in Canada are claiming that their HIV vaccine “aced” a recent clinical trial. The vaccine, which was developed by Chil-Yong Kang, MD, patterns itself after other successful vaccines such as polio, hepatitis A and influenza. The vaccine will advance to Phase II of its clinical trial in the near future. 

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