The 411 on Surviving the Extreme Cold

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  • Stay Inside When Needed
  • Layer Up!
  • Leave Your Faucets Dripping a Bit
  • Be Careful Shoveling Snow
  • Be Aware of Frostbite
  • Don’t Drive Alone
  • Buy the Right Gear
  • Be Aware of the Winter Blues
  • Be Thermostat Smart
  • Boost Your Immune System!
  • Check Your Windows at Home
  • Use Those Public Transportation Apps
  • Be Aware of Carbon Monoxide
  • The Polar Vortex: Round Two
  • Pay Attention to the News
  • Get Your Grocery on Before!

Leave Your Faucets Dripping a Bit

During freezing weather like this, your pipes are vulnerable to freezing, so try keeping the faucets dripping a bit. If they freeze anyway, do not use a torch to defrost them, use a hairdryer instead, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests

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