The 411 on Surviving the Extreme Cold

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  • Pay Attention to the News
  • Get Your Grocery on Before!
  • Stay Inside When Needed
  • Layer Up!
  • Leave Your Faucets Dripping a Bit
  • Be Careful Shoveling Snow
  • Be Aware of Frostbite
  • Don’t Drive Alone
  • The Polar Vortex: Round Two

Stay Inside When Needed

Just being outside for 15 minutes can lead to frostbite and even worse, hypothermia (lowering of the body’s temperature), in really cold weather. So when they say stay in, do it! FYI: It can also be cold inside, too, so make sure all windows are closed tight and that you have enough blankets and warm clothes to wear inside. 

(Photo: Ariel Skelley/GettyImages)

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