The 411 on the Paleo Diet

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  • Most Googled Diet of 2013
  • Eating Like a Hunter-Gatherer
  • What Foods Does This Diet Exclude?
  • Why This Diet?
  • Other Health Benefits
  • Not Everyone Sings Its Praises
  • The One Thing Critics and Supporters Agree On
  • Resources for Learning About the Paleo Diet

What Foods Does This Diet Exclude?

If you decide to follow this diet you have to say goodbye to a lot of the foods you eat, including some foods that are found in nature. You cannot eat grains and gluten (cereals, pasta, breads); any processed foods (anything made in a factory); dairy (milk, cheese, creamer, yogurt); legumes (beans); white potatoes; added sugar; certain oils (corn oil, canola, margarine, hydrogenated oil); and alcohol. 

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