The 411 on Blacks and Heart Health

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  • February Is American Heart Health Month
  • Why Heart Health Matters
  • What Is Heart Disease?
  • Blacks and Heart Disease
  • Don’t Think Heart Disease Is Just an Old Folk’s Problem
  • What Puts Us at Higher Risk?
  • Blacks and High Blood Pressure
  • Understand Your Cholesterol Levels
  • Stop Smoking!
  • You Gotta Sweat
  • Quit Eating Crap
  • African-Americans and the Mediterranean Diet
  • How Risk Factors Affect Us The Most
  • Heart Health Knowledge Increases Among Black Women
  • Stress Hurts Your Heart, Too
  • Access to Health Care Matters
  • Take Back The Power

February Is American Heart Health Month

This February, don’t forget that it’s American Heart Health Month, too. Heart disease is the number-one killer of adults in the U.S. Read more about African-American heart disease stats and what you can do to strengthen your ticker. —Kellee Terrell (@kelleent)

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