The 411 on In Vitro Fertilization

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  • Who Is IVF For?
  • Harvesting Eggs
  • Placement of Embryos
  • Black Women and IVF
  • How Much Does IVF Cost?
  • The Emotional Cost of IVF
  • Melissa Harris-Perry Welcomes Baby via IVF
  • What Is IVF?
  • More American Women Using IVF Than Before
  • IVF Success Rates

Placement of Embryos

After the eggs have been harvested and mixed with sperm to create embryos, they are stored in a lab until the mother (biological or surrogate) has them planted in her uterus. Doctors will implant two to four embryos at a time to increase your chance of being pregnant. Note: Multiple babies also increases the complications and health risks for them and the mother, Web MD writes

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