The 411 on In Vitro Fertilization

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  • IVF Success Rates
  • Who Is IVF For?
  • Harvesting Eggs
  • Placement of Embryos
  • Black Women and IVF
  • How Much Does IVF Cost?
  • The Emotional Cost of IVF
  • Melissa Harris-Perry Welcomes Baby via IVF
  • What Is IVF?
  • More American Women Using IVF Than Before

Harvesting Eggs

The process, which is complicated, starts off with a woman getting hormone treatments so that she can produce more than one egg to be taken and combined with the sperm. The timing of taking the eggs is very complicated as well and the window of time to do it is brief. From there, the eggs are taken to a lab to be combined with the sperm. 

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