Inside the Urban Health Crisis With Dr. Sampson Davis

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  • Prescription Drugs
  • Using the Emergency Room for Primary Care
  • The Purpose of the ER
  • Fearing the Unknown
  • Promoting Health Education
  • The Importance of Health Insurance
  • How to Stay on Top of Your Health
  • Other Ways to Stay Manage Your Health
  • The Emergency Room Perspective
  • A ‘Pact’ for Health
  • The Power of the ‘Pact’
  • Giving Back
  • An Advocate for Health
  • Black Health Issues
  • Gun Violence

The Purpose of the ER

“I would see the same people come back to the ER again and again with the same issues, and they never followed up with the specialists,” Davis said. “The ER’s purpose is only to stabilize you so that you can go home, but you should follow up with your doctor to get the issues addressed.”

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