Say What? The Most Popular Health Conspiracies

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  • Cellphones Cause Cancer, the Govt' Lies to Us About It
  • Fluoride in Water Is Dangerous
  • Genetically Modified Foods Are Meant to Control Population
  • Why Do We Believe the Worst?
  • The Danger in Believing in Conspiracies
  • Don’t Believe the Hype!
  • AIDS Was Made by the Government
  • Vaccines Cause Autism
  • Abortion Is Mass Genocide of Black Folks
  • Big Pharm and the FDA Hide Cures From Us

How Believing in Conspiracies Affects Our Health    

Skepticism makes us human, but don’t let it impact your overall health. Researchers found that people who believe in conspiracy theories are less likely to get physicals, rely on consistent medical care, use sunscreen and get flu shots. The same study also found that these people were more likely to buy organic foods. Go figure. 

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