The 411 on Alcoholism

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  • April Is Alcohol Awareness Month
  • What Is Alcoholism?
  • Problem Drinking vs. Alcoholism
  • The Short-Term Risks of Alcohol Abuse
  • The Long-Term Risks of Alcohol Abuse
  • Understanding Binge Drinking
  • Alcohol Abuse and African-Americans
  • African-American Teens Drink Less Than Whites
  • What Puts You at Risk?
  • Is There a Cure?
  • Why You Need Support
  • Why Early Prevention Matters

What Is Alcoholism?

It is a chronic and progressive disease that can include the following: an obsession and preoccupation with alcohol; continuing to drink liquor despite the negative consequences; having withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking; and having to drink more to get the same effect from drinking. 

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